March 18, 2009

Life Without Bella

It is getting easier without Bella. Sometimes its the little things that can make me sad again. When I am on the computer in the guest bedroom usually the dogs lay on the bed. I went to go let Cooper out and I expected to hear two sets of landings on the floor.

She was a sweet dog (after she barked at you). It would take a her a few minutes but then she would sit on your lap. She was definitely the best snuggler. She was a noisy dog...snored when she slept...would have a soft whine when she was excited to see you...barked at cars driving down the street.

We'll all miss her! I think she had a good life with us.

But I am thankful for my Cooper. He does get a bad rap sometimes but he's been a sweetie to me lately.

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Belgian Guy said...

Hey Alison

Once again, sorry for my poor english, I'm from europe, Belgium and I'm french speaking native.

I've wroten to you a few months ago, wondering how you could be amazed of life like this. I was so impressed I had to write a few words about that. I guess my wonderings have been forgotten since then. And I guess it's normal, this is just to set up who I am.

Nevermind anyway, this is not why I'm writing now. I've seen that you and your dog bella were pretty close and I'm sad to know that she left you and I just wanted to let you know that. In French we say "condoléances". It may seems pretty odd when speaking of a dog, but I know very well that they are sometimes your best friend ever. I'm sure that if you were lookeing after her she has been a very happy animal.

I wish you the best in the world for you moving in your new house next to the river which looks sooo great. And also for your marriage. Best of luck in your life, Living joyfully. ;)


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