March 11, 2009

All By Myself...Don't Wanna Be

Can you just hear that song in your head?

Joe has been gone since Monday and I must say that I am not fan of this being myself thing...especially at night. But I know that I have my two attack dogs ready and barking. Bella and Cooper would know if someone was breaking in before the robber would!

All and all, I am doing fine without Joe but who wouldn't just want their husband here. When we were driving to the airport, I tried to convince him to stay but as you can read that didn't work. But he is having a fun time touring around DC and going to his conference.

This weekend, I am going back home to see the parentals and so Cooper and Bella can see their grandparents (they get excited if you ask them if they want to see Grandma and Grandpa!) and my other dog Bailey.

Off to catch up on American Idol!

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Lu said...

What do you think of Idol this season?
Who's your favorite so far?

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