December 31, 2008

2008 in Review

It has been a packed year for me in 2008! Here are the highlights.
In April, I spent 18 days in Russia with a group of nursing students in my school. We went to Moscow, St. Petersburg and Cheylabinsk.

In May I graduated from nursing school. Here is Joe and I in my nurses cap.

Adopted Cooper and added him to our family.

Also in May I got married!

We went on our honeymoon to Gatlinburgh and Myrtle Beach.

Moved to North Vernon, IN (pop. 6,515)--a big adjustment from where I am from and starting decorating my house. Became a Registered Nurse and started my job at Columbus Pediatrics.
Became a Pastor's Wife

Went to Chicago for our birthdays.

Found Levi and added him to our family.

And as of today became the owners of a 2008 Ford Escape

I am looking forward to maybe a little quieter 2009 without major life changes!

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Lu said...

Sweet ride!

Haha... I said ride.

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