December 28, 2008

Our Christmas

It was our first married Christmas together. It had its good and not so good. The good was spending time with our families, the Christmas Eve service at our church, and the great presents we received (including a sewing machine!)

The not so good happened on the way to my parents when Joe's jeep died on the interstate. Now if you know Joe you know that he loves his jeep while I wasn't a huge fan but thankful for a vehicle. So now instead of a house hunt, we are on a car hunt. This time we are thinking a car that is family car. We are also blessed because a family in the church are letting us use their truck as long as needed.

We also saw Marley and Me on Christmas day. It was really good! I loved the book and it made me appreciate Cooper a little more! :)

Did you have a good Christmas?

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Lu said...

Do you still have your car?

Alison Mayes said...

We still have the bug but my drive to work is 30 minutes so we are definitely a two car family.

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