December 8, 2008

An Exciting Monday

Joe and I had a fun day. We left (early in the morning) for Cincinnati and went to the Creation Museum. The church had bought us tickets last year and we had never used them before. It was really neat to have a museum dedicated to presenting how a powerful and awesome God created the universe.

After that Joe and I went to Ikea! I had never been and I thought it was really great! I went to get a certain bookshelf. After going through all of the showroom and the Marketplace and filled my cart we go to pick up the shelf and realize that the box won't fit in the jeep! I was bummed. Joe wanted to go to Dave and Busters for lunch and of course went to the game area.

I convinced Joe to take me to Target and found a shelf that was very similar to the shelf in Ikea and cheaper and that fit in the jeep! We ran home and went to a Christmas party for underpriviledged children. I was the picture taker when they were on Santa's lap! And I ran home and put together my bookshelf by myself! I am pretty proud of myself!

Did you do anything fun today?

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Guy from Belgium said...

Hello :)

Please excuse my poor english, I'm native french speaker from Belgium ;)

I've found your blog when surfing the web a few months ago. Every time I read it, I wonder how "simply" happy you can be with so simples good things in life. This is really impressive. I think I'm very cynic and ironic in general, and I feel like beeing unable to be amazed by those very small things in life that makes you so happy... Some points are quite blurred to me, maybe you can testimony on it, that could help me to understand the life on the other side of the ocean.

Do you think it has any link to your faith? I'm atheist, but my education is christian. I wonder how to be so enthusiast about life in general. It seems to be o easy for you...
Another question: Where comes your bolg's name from? Are you what we call Second born christian?

Greetings, happy new year and merry Xmas :)

Alison Mayes said...

Thanks for finding me enthusiastic! I do believe my faith has everything to do with my outlook on life. This world can make anyone very cynical but I know that this my temporary home until I am reunited with my Savior. He gives me a reason to be joyful.

My blog name comes from me Starting a New Life after getting married in May and moving and starting my career and ministry. But yes I am a "Born again Christmas" Hope that answers your questions! :)

Guy from Belgium said...

Thanks a lot for your sponateous honesty. That's something I've never seen on this side of the ocean. This is a new reason to me to have a trip in US and discrover your country by another way that TV...

Who knows, maybe one day, something will be revealed to me and a lot of questions will find an answer. Until then, I guess I don't have any choice that continuing my cynical thoughts ;-)

Please keep writing :)

Best wishes for you and your family !

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