December 14, 2008


We finally have our tree up! We have a real Christmas tree this year which I have never had before. After Joe cut off some, its up and full of ornaments. We just need our tree topper and then I will post some pictures!

This weekend was full of Christmas parties and our choir cantata at church. We had to sing in both services this morning! After church I was tired. I also sang my first solo at Bethel.

Tomorrow we are going Christmas shopping which we have our list so hopefully it can be quick!

I am also reminded of the real reason we celebrate Christmas because of the birth of our Savior. HE is the reason why we are so blessed with families and churches to celebrate this season!

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Jennifer said...

Look out, real trees and kitty cats can be a dangerous combination! Make sure your kitty doesn't eat on the pine needles because it can puncture his fragile intestines.

On a happy note, I bet your house smells like yummy Christmas pine!

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