June 17, 2012

Making of a Father's Day

I found Joe's Father's Day present a long time ago on Pinterest. I had pinned it and knew it would be perfect for Father's Day.

Pinned Image

I involved a late evening at Walmart getting 2 wooden letters, craft paint, and a picture frame

And of course I needed to have a little photo shoot with sweet Amelia. This was actually a little harder than I thought it would be because Amelia kept eating the letters and flipping them over! I got some interesting pictures! But I think I ended with with three cute ones in each setting. I put them together in photoshop to make sure these would be cute together.
Just a few clicks to Target and a quick pick up for a card and Amelia's Father's Day present to Daddy was complete! I think it turned out very cute!!

I think Joe liked it too!

What do you think?
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