October 3, 2013

Liam is 3 Months!!

Can't believe that I have had my little man for 3 whole months now. He is the cutest little boy I have ever laid eyes on (I'm not biased or anything! haha)

This month I am seeing him smile more and more and even getting little laughs from him. He is quite a little talker. Of course he is still quite the momma's boy! And do you see how his hair sticks up in the back. Yep I can't control it!

Liam is still my breastfed baby! He takes bottles okay when I am gone (only because he has to!). He usually eats about every 3 hours, sometimes more and sometimes less.

He usually wakes up for the day between 7-8. He will cat nap in the morning and then take a good nap in the afternoon in his swing. He will sometimes take a little evening nap and is usually asleep around 9:39 if not sooner. He usually wakes up once or twice during the night to eat but goes right back to bed. He still sleeps in our room with us. He is the fussiest in the evenings and hopefully we are outgrowing this phase soon!

I have gone back to work this month and has spent more and more time with his daddy. That time away kills me! Look at this trio. Too much! He thinks his big sister is pretty funny and likes to watch all that she does.

Taking his clothes off
His changing pad

Car rides
Not being with Momma

Liam James we love you to the moon and back a thousand times!

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