October 14, 2013

Can You Tell Me How to Get to Sesame Street? LIVE!

We took Amelia and Liam to see Sesame Street Live recently. I just happened to look to see if there were any shows nearby and there was one semi close so we decided to go.

We talked about it for a few days before we went. That morning we dressed Amelia in her I LOVE ELMO shirt (that barely fit) and grabbed her Elmo stuffed animal and off we went. Melmo is what she calls Elmo!(so cute!)

Amelia was very excited when we got there and kept saying Melmo! and Cookie! When the show started she sat in my lap in awe of what was going on. As it continued she got the wiggles and couldn't sit in her seat. It also didn't help that we were right next to the stairs and she wanted to climb them. We got her popcorn to entertain her but we did have to leave a little early because she was starting to throw a big fit because she wanted to run around. Liam was a little trooper and only got a little fussy when we had to keep switching off to make Amelia happy. I hoped we could stay the whole time and really did think Amelia would sit still better but she is my wiggly busy (almost) 2 year old.

The show was cute with lots of singing and dancing and all of the main characters. I was still confused how they got their mouths to move when they were in the costume. Especially Big Bird!

Sorry for my bad iphone pictures! Amelia is especially blurry!

She does love Sesame Street so much so that her 2nd Birthday Party is all Sesame Street. I am knee deep in planning for it. That means pinning a whole bunch of stuff and not actually doing anything yet. I have designed the invitations and a birthday banner and ordered the cake.

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