September 4, 2013

A Day in the Life with 2

I have written a couple day in the life posts when Amelia was smaller here and here. They are mostly for me to look back on to see how my life was then and how different it is. Now I have 2 small children who are still very dependent on me for everything so my days are pretty busy usually!

3:00 AM Liam wakes up for his first feeding. Sometime he wakes up earlier for this. He eats and falls right back to sleep. It takes me a few minutes after him to fall back asleep.

7 am I hear both Amelia and Liam stirring. Joe goes and gets Amelia and brings her in bed with us. We watch Sesame Street while I feed Liam in bed.

7:45 We leave because I had left my car at church on Sunday so I drive Joe to work. On the way home I run (which is an oxymoron with two kids) into the grocery store to get some celery and chicken broth I needed for dinner. I go to the self check out lane which takes way longer because it wouldn't read my gift card!

0830 We get home and I bake some homemade cinnamon rolls I had in the fridge and I turn on Sofia the first to appease Amelia while we wait. I also feed Liam again because he is pretty fussy after the car ride. Amelia eats a whole big cinnamon roll.

0930 Liam is happily awake in his swing so Amelia and I do some "preschool" which really involves playing, reading, and doing crafts. I am using ABC Jesus Loves Me. It is a pretty simple things to teach that week, colors to focus on. She's not quite 2 but I thought it can't hurt to try. We sing songs, read, and I decided to let her finger paint for the first time. Amelia had lots of fun and made a mess!

10:15 Amelia has fingerpaint all over so I decide she should take a bath. She is playing happily for awhile when all of a sudden she is fussing and I noticed CODE BROWN!! I get her out quickly and clean the bathtub. Liam is catnapping still in his swing.

1045 We play with our shape sorter which means Amelia watches me sort the shapes (smart cookie).

1100 Liam is over the swing so I feed him then we all go upstairs to the playroom. Amelia has a little slide she plays with and Liam and I snuggle on the couch.

11:30 Amelia is getting more fussy so I take her downstairs and start lunch. I make her a grilled cheese and fruit but all she wants it the fruit. I put Liam in my moby wrap because he is very fussy and tired.

12:00 I put Amelia down for her nap. I come downstairs and put Liam in his sleep sack and rock him to sleep. He falls asleep and I just snuggle him for awhile and read blogs, facebook, etc.

1:00 I try to pick up the house, do a load of laundry, shower. About 2:30 I realize this is too good to be true! I really didn't know what to do with myself to have them both asleep. It really never happens this long!

3:30 Amelia finally wakes up! I am trying to transition Amelia to one nap a day so I thinks she was extra tired.  We spend 30 minutes in her room reading all of her books together. Around 4 we come back downstairs to check on a sleeping Liam.

4:30 I start making dinner. I am making Pioneer Woman Perfect Potato Soup. Joe gets home soon after and takes care of Liam who finally wakes up! I am quickly trying to get it together because I know Liam is hungry now! We trade off and I put Joe to watch the soup and I feed Liam.

5:30 After an unfortunate incident with a hot soup, blender, and my hands, I finally get a bowl of soup while Joe holds Liam. Amelia is starting to fall apart a little and wouldn't eat any dinner and was screaming to eat a whole bag of oranges. After a time out she does calm down.

7:00 We all hang out downstairs together and play. I change a dirty diaper of Amelia's and notice she has a bad diaper rash. :( I put her pjs on. Joe takes Liam upstairs and puts him in his pjs.

0830 We brush Amelia's teeth, give our kisses, read our night time devotion and prayer and I put Amelia to bed. I then take Liam upstairs and feed him. I swaddle him up and he falls asleep by 9:15. Joe comes upstairs and we watch TV and we fall asleep by 10:30.

So there you have it.  Exciting life huh?! I wouldn't trade these days with my babies home for anything and because I am going back to work next week.

 2  points if you read this whole post!

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