September 11, 2012

Amelia is 10 Months

Baby girl is 10 Months! This month has been lots of fun with a baby (an almost toddler) who is crawling and into everything!! Even getting her monthly picture is starting to become a challenge because she is soo busy! She knows what No No! means and gives me a big smile but usually stops what she is doing. 

She says Da da all the time now! Sometimes directed at Joe and sometimes she is just happily saying da da! My favorite was one time I asked her who should change her diaper and she announced da da!

We are in full swing planning her first birthday shin-dig! It is a giraffe themed party for her favorite zoo animal and favorite teether toy Sophie! Look out for more info to come! And maybe even a peek at the invitation I designed over at my Etsy Shop

She weighs about 20 pounds when I weigh us on the scale. She can still fit in 6-9 month clothes because all her next size are more fall clothes. But colder weather is coming upon us so new wardrobe for Amelia! She still sleeps 10-11 hours at night and usually takes 2 1/12 hour naps a day. She sleeps best in her crib but will doze in the car. She is a big pacifier baby so we are thinking about weaning her from it soon.

Amelia is a big eater now. She eats almost all table food. She still loves cheerios but eats a banana almost every day. She loves tacos, spaghetti, grapes, carrots, meat, cheese. You know pretty much everything! You take her to Chipotle and she is chowing down! 

Her other new favorite activity is pulling up onto everything! She is walking around furniture pretty well and will walk with me holding at least one hand. And today she climbed 6 stairs. Eek! I love our baby gates!

Amelia is still toothless! I know! She has the cutest little toothless smile but I am way surprised it has taken us this long! But I think we they are coming soon! Her gums look swollen to me and she has been way more fussy than normal. Maybe soon?

Amelia loves
*chasing the dogs around

Amelia hates
*getting her clothes changed
*getting strapped in the car seat (but loves to play with her carseat if it out)
*being tired

We love our baby girl sooo much! 

PS Amelia is in a contest for the cutest baby at American Baby. You can vote for her here!

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Loo said...

I voted! I also looked at the baby featured 'previous' and 'next' to Amelia. They weren't as cute.

I thought I'd suggest this little tidbit I heard while working in the Infant room at my preschool. A lady whose son had a hard time giving up his pacifier, cut a little piece off of the sucker part and it changes the whole dynamic of the pacifier in their mouth. He was weaned off like that. So if the seperation with the pacifier gets tough, I just wanted to throw that suggestion out there.

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