September 5, 2012

6-9 Month Must Haves

It's time for my updated list of must haves. I did so previously for 0-3 months here and 3-6 months here. Amelia has a lot more toys this time around to keep this busy girl occupied, a lot! Now that Amelia can crawl and enjoy more things.

We love

Fisher-Price Musical Table

Amelia loves to pull up on the table and push the buttons which plays music

Toysmith Busy Zoo Activity Center

This cube we got at a garage sale. I like that it is wood and I think very durable. Amelia loves to pull up with it.

Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound System

It plays multiple songs and sounds and projects three sets of images on the ceilings. We use this for all of Amelia's naps and bedtime.

Vtech - Sit to Stand Learning Walker

Amelia really likes to play with all the buttons and pull herself up and try to walk with it.

Jeep Walker

Amelia really loved her walker especially when she wasn't crawling yet. She only knows how to go backwards. Amelia also loves pushing the horn.

Waterproof Bibs

Amelia makes huge messes when she eats. I didn't want to already add more laundry to the load and cloth bibs were getting really dirty. I LOVE these bibs. Let me say it again. I LOVE these bibs!


Amelia loves Are You My Mother?, The Jesus Storybook Bible,  and Llama Llama books.

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