August 27, 2012

Our Week in Review

Last week was TABS week for our youth group. TABS stands for Teenage Bible Study. There is a time for worship and a Bible study, then there is a fun activity for the night. Our good friend from Indiana came to speak and his wife and 3 year old Son came also to visit.
Monday I had to work so I didn't get to do anything :( The youth went to a Richmond Squirrels Baseball game.
Tuesday, we went a church member's house on a lake and the students got to swim and go tubing. Amelia even got to go in the lake with Daddy!

Wednesday, we traveled up to DC so our friends could go to Georgetown Cupcakes. The have the show DC cupcakes on TLC. Joe and I went over a year ago and waited awhile to get in but this time we waited maybe 5 minutes. And over course came home with a dozen cupcakes!

That night the youth played Dodgeball and Underground Church. Amelia had to get home to bed before Underground Church but it brings me back to my middle school years! Joe said the youth loved it! The only picture I got was when I brought the Elmo Rocker out to entertain Amelia


Thursday we went to Ironbridge Sports Park. The youth played outdoor laser tag. They played outside in a field like a paintball field. Let's just say that I think Joe had more fun than the kids!

They had to wear black sweat bands and I couldn't resist getting a picture with Amelia with one!
Friday, the youth went to Great Wolf Lodge. Great Wolf Lodge is huge hotel with a huge waterpark in it. We had so much fun! Amelia loved the small pool and even the wave pool with Daddy. Last year we went, I was pregnant with Amelia and was unable to do any of the big water slides. Joe took me on all of them this year.
My favorite photo of this week was on Saturday. I left Amelia with one of the girls because I wanted to look around in the gift shop for a few minutes. I came back and this is what I found. Amelia is spoiled rotten!

We had so much fun this week and Amelia enjoyed playing with the big kids!

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