May 20, 2012

Baby Girl is 6 Months

That brings a little tear to my eye! She is getting sooo big. But I am loving this age. She is still a momma's girl but loves her daddy.

She weighs 16 lb 2 oz (50-75%) and 27" (90%).  Tall like her daddy!  We have moved her into 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers. Let's talk about her sleeping...Still not sleeping through the night! She still gets up every 3-4 hours but she does spend most the of the night in her room in her crib.

She can sit up by herself for quite awhile and will play with her toys on the floor. She usually ends up on her back again but we have had a few falls. She can roll in all directions but she is not usually interested in rolling.

She is still a little thumb sucker. Makes me swoon a little. No teeth yet but everyone thinks that she is teething. I don't necessarily want the teeth but want the teething to end!

We are still nursing and taking EBM when I am working. My goal was 6 months so I am very happy that we are past that. Baby girl is full on in the baby foods now. It's really cute because she says... MMMM!!. She also likes to grab the spoon herself. She likes most foods so far, especially green beans, peaches, and sweet potatoes.

Here is a funny video eating squash.

We love Amelia Grace so much. She is my little gift from God.


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