April 13, 2012

A is 5 Months

Can you believe it? I just want to freeze time right here. This is a fun age for us. We are starting to see her little personality but she is still up for a snuggle session in the rocking chair.

This month her hand eye coordination got tremendously better overnight it seems. She will reach for this and of course they go right into her mouth. She loves things like her rattle, teething toys, and now her Sophie the giraffe.

We also started baby foods. She tried rice cereal which she did okay. I had high hopes it would help with her sleeping. Ha! She liked baby oatmeal much better. Yesterday we tried bananas and she did really well. And last night she slept a lot better. Maybe we are making the transition!

We are trying the transition to her crib to sleep. Usually she does great when you put her to sleep but when she wakes up she hates going back to her crib. With my mom in town she was great at getting up with her and trying to get her back in her crib. I'm the pushover who just takes her into my room because I need the sleep! So we are still working on it

She is getting better at rolling over but definitely not all the time. Her favorite is the 75% roll before she rolls back to her back. She is getting better at sitting up by herself unsupported. She is growing up too fast!

We went to DC a couple of days ago. We took the metro into the city. Amelia did wonderful! She went around in her stroller and really barely fussed at all. We toured the monuments around the mall, went to a few Smithsonian museums. This will be good with her being a youth pastor's  kid! I also feel better about taking her to NYC with us next month for the Senior trip.

She is still a breastfed baby and will take pumped milk in a bottle when I'm at work. She will take 4-5 ounces at time every 3-4/12 hours. She is about 16.5-17 pounds when I weigh us holding her. Still in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes.

Her day typically is gets up around 7. She usually takes a cat nap around 8 then get up a nurse. Then we play for  little bit. Her morning nap around 10.  Then nurse again. She takes a pretty good afternoon nap around 2. More playing and nursing again. Sometimes a quick evening nap. Sometimes we do oatmeal before bed. Then we try to get her in bed around 8:30. And she will nurse 1-2 times in the middle of the night still. (But I'm not very structured with her so we kind of go with what works for our day and her mood)

Her playmat--Amelia is actually lay for awhile on the mat and play with her toys.
Smiling--Amelia loves to smile at people. It's like she is almost ready for them to look at her so she can show them her toothless grin. We can have a fussy day but we go to the mall or something and she likes to look at all the people around her.
Swing--Still one of the best places to nap. We missed it when we went to Indiana a couple of weeks ago. She only really likes it when she is sleepy though.


Being sleepy--still the most fussy time

Being by herself--She likes to be in the room where you are to see what's going on around her.

She is the sweetest little girl and we love her so so much.

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I love reading about her.

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