April 27, 2010


A few weeks ago, I went to Seminary Wives Institute's Seminar Saturday. That day you could choose from 5 one hour seminars on everything to parenting, learning contentment, marriage, women's ministry, and lots of different things. The last seminar of the day I attended was on called Couponing 101. I went because I was intrigued but not sure if I would ever do it.

The two women who did taught the seminar were hardcore couponers! But I could tell that they saved a lot of money couponing.

So I decided to get a free trial subscription to the local paper. That Sunday I was pretty excited to clip the coupons. I found a lot of good coupons that normally I would just leave the sheet out but never use them.

But I even started remembering that I had them and using them. It was pretty exciting last week to use over $10 in coupons on my $40 total at Target.

I even got this super cute coupon organizer on etsy!

After my newspaper trial ended, I just go to Walgreens and buy the paper. But I have fallen in the trap and got some things I didn't necessarily need (like cat treats!) but so far it has been kind of fun.

There are some fun websites out there that will tell you when things are on sale at stores that you can double your savings with coupons.
Do you coupon?


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Lu said...

I've actually started using coupons too. Not as often as I should or could. It's more a challange for me to look/search for coupons. And it's also hard because a lot of coupons are, buy two to save money. And when I'm just shopping for myself and not living in my own home, sometimes its not worth it. But I want to get more into it. Good luck with your couponing.

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