September 7, 2009


I was nesting a little bit in the house today. Right after we moved in, Joe and I hung a lot of stuff on the walls around our house. And our house definitely felt like a home but I had just not done many things since in ways of decorating.

Today as I was procrastinating on cleaning, I was in the garage and found mirrors, and picture frames that had been in our rental house. So I got on my kick and starting hanging things everyone. I couldn't find a hammer so I used a hand weight I had...I just starting making do when no hubby is around.

I get on these nesting kicks all of a sudden. I think I have everything the way I want them but then the I start rearranging things, loving pictures in magazines. With Fall quickly approaching, I keep thinking about all the decorations we need to make our home cuuute!

I always will question if this is truly what I should be focused on or is it really just futile. But I thinking my main calling in life is to be a wife, besides being a Child of God. This comes before church ministry or work. And one of my main responsibilities is making a home for us, a peaceful one. Although I know in reality Joe probably doesn't care if this picture looks better over here, I know that I am using my skills to provide.

Now I definitely have this no where figured out in my head or in practice. Our house is no where near peaceful and we don't even have kids yet, but I am always striving.

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