September 21, 2009


Joe and I went canoeing in Edinburgh with some of my coworkers and their spouses. Joe and I have never been canoeing together and have only a couple of trips separately. There were some strong warnings that he is not to capsize the boat!

There were only a few times where we were going circles, or running into stuff but all in all it was a great adventure! It was nice and relaxing to

Afterwards, I decided that this would be a great pre-marital counseling session. It is definitely Communication 101! You can learn a lot about communication styles with canoeing. For example, when I get scared I start shrieking or repeating "Big branch coming up! Big branch coming up!"

We even started planning our next canoe trip! Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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Lu said...

I like that suggestion about canoeing being a pre-marital counseling session. I also suggest some type of road trip/short vacation together. That also forces a couple to communicate more, and lets each other see how they do in tough, out-of-comfort-zone situations.

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