April 13, 2009

Our New TV

For months, Joe has been asking for a new television. Our old living room television was a big tv, and I mean big!

When the we started talking about getting the puppy, I said that I would get him his television if we could get the puppy! That was the factor that definitely pushed him over the edge in my favor. (And Joe was going to hold me to it).

So, Saturday, Joe and I went to Lowe's to figure out stuff we needed for the house, looking at paint colors and such. We went to Walmart to look at patio furniture, and there was his TV on sale!

So we are now the owners of a 42" flat panel TV. Let's just say it's hard to get Hubby out of the living room!

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The Pink Potpourri said...

nice! don't you just love having a big flat screen? :)

Lu said...

Haha... I remember when I bought my big flat screen. It was my proudest purchase because big flat screens are associated with guys, and here I was... a 22 year old girl buying one and being super excited. I tend to make the boys jealous with my tv.

Anonymous said...

Joe has the same expression on his face as he did in your wedding pictures!


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