April 14, 2009

Choosing Paint Colors

The last couple of days I have been making multiple trips to Lowe's Home Depot, any place with paint to try find the perfect paint.

We have decided general colors for some of the rooms. We know we want a light blue for the kitchen and a cream color for the living room and hallway. I want my bathroom the same color as the bathroom we have now. And for our third bedroom (our office) we want green.

I just forgot how hard it is to find the perfect paint color. This is one is too dark, too brown, too clashing.

I guess you will just be surprised with what we pick!

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Andy and Kelly said...

OOOhhh! I love choosing paint colors! color is my life...literally :) I will suggest some colors that we have in our house that are beautiful, and maybe that will help! Benjamin Moore makes both of these colors. I have Paladian Blue in our bathroom and my studio. It is Gorgeous. It almost seems a little turquois, so it may not be exactly what you're looking for. The other one is Olive Branch. It is a very relaxing green. We wanted to use it in our kitchen, but chose a different shade. My parents have it in their laundry room. Good luck! It's so fun to choose the colors that will be in your home!

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