April 5, 2009

Our First Week with Annie

We named our puppy Annie after our niece's suggestion of Annabell. Our nephew wanted to name her Carl, even after he found out that she was a girl!

We went home to Evansville yesterday for our niece Mikah's sixth birthday party. We took Annie with us and Cooper had a slumber party at his friend's house. Annie got to meet the family and she did pretty good. Only one accident the whole day! Annie and my parent's dog Bailey were fast friends!

I have realized today when I was trying to take a cat nap that you can't close your eyes for one minute without Annie finding something you shouldn't!

Everyone said it was good practice for a baby!

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The Pink Potpourri said...

Annie is so cute! congrats on your new puppy!

Sarah Mae said...

Haha! "Everyone said it was good practice for a baby!" That it is! :)

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