June 27, 2008

A New Life

I decided that it was time to leave my old blog. It was nice during college but starting a new life I wanted a new blog. Joe and I are enjoying marriage and figuring how to blend two lives and perspectives together. We have been doing some decorating and painting of the house and getting me all moved in. I start my new job on Tuesday at Columbus Pediatrics as a RN. Because of the flooding at Columbus Regional, I was unable to start my job. But through a connection at church I now have a new job!

So this will be a place for stories and pictures and adventures for all.

A wedding picture

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Lindsey said...

I'm sad you left Xanga... but I will add this page to my 'favorites' and check it regularly.
Miss you.
I hope the new job is going good.
What colors are you painting the rooms of your house?

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