June 1, 2008

About Living Joyfully

Welcome to Living Joyfully! This blog is meant to glorify God and tell a little more about me.

My name is Alison. I'm so glad you have visited!

I am the wife of Joe, a senior pastor in North Vernon, IN. I am also a Registered Nurse and work at a Pediatrician's office. I am also a mom to two cocker spaniels who you will hear lots about and new kitten named Levi.

My greatest desire to grow more like Christ. I fail everyday at this but Christ is so patient with me. I really enjoy knitting and crocheting, reading, naps with my Husband, walking my dogs, and spending time with God and His people.

Why Living Joyfully?
I created this blog to first inform our family friends about our life and ministry. I also hope it can be an encouragement to those who read. I don't claim to understand it all but I do know that Jesus Christ has given me a new life, a hope, and a reason to be joyful!

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