November 6, 2010

Do You Have Kids?

We get this question a lot. I usually just simply answer "No." And let the conversation move on. Do you say that we've been trying for quite awhile? That we had two positive pregnancy tests and no babies? That if we had it our way we would be holding our four month old?
I never thought that this would be our experience. That every month hopes rise and fall. That every funny feeling, every mood change is a hope that this time it will be good. I never thought I would look at my cycle so much. I never thought I would struggle with hard feelings when it seems that everyone is getting pregnant and we are not.  Surely that would never happen to us.
I so wish my faith was stronger to whisper to my heart in times of uncertainty.
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Kelley said...

to read your struggles, is so heartbreaking! praying for you and God's perfect timing and provision!

Lu said...

Its the times when you are so open and honest about your feelings and struggles with this situation in your life that I remember how amazing and strong you are and I hurt for you and pray and hope and wish that you get pregnant and remain pregnant and have you own child. One of the things that pains me most is seeing women who so badly want their own children go month after month with no good news and then other women who make the wrong choices and don't want children at that moment in their life so easily concieve and carry a child to full term. Everyone that knows you knows that you deserve this so much and I believe it will happen. Love you dear friend. I'm glad I can read about the other updates and news in your life because it sounds good. Keep reminding yourself of that. You are amazing! <3

Kily Ann said...

I just started a blog dealing with this subject.

I totally understand.

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