May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Cooper!

Today is Cooper's birthday (sort of). Today marks the one year anniversary of the day we got him so we decided that he is going to turn three today!

He started his birthday celebration with some good ol' canned dog food. That is quite a treat for him so he scarfed that down pretty quickly.
Then we went on his favorite...a car ride! He hung his head out the window and didn't even wear a seat belt! We took him to McDonald's for his very own ice cream cone! (Of course Joe wouldn't let him eat that in his new car)

At first you could tell Cooper did not know what to think about this. Cooper has had ice cream before but we have never let him have any so at first he was little timid.
After a few licks, Cooper became quite a fan of birthdays!
He didn't even share his cone with Annie!

He also got his a new squeaky toy but I think Annie thought that it was her birthday present!

He ended his night with a nap on the living room floor while we watched the finale of American Idol....I think he had a stomachache!

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