August 23, 2013

Liam's Birth Story

Here is the story of Liam's entrance in the world (if this doesn't interest you, don't read!)

My pregnancy with Liam was not bad by comparison to many others I see at the hospital. I was just very tired for a lot of it. That could have something to do with a very busy toddler that I didn't get to rest as much as I did with Amelia. 
When I went to my 38 week appointment, my blood pressure was high. The doctor explained that with elevated BP the goal is to get to 38 weeks which I  already was. I however was not ready to go ahead and have a baby then! We decided that I would go to work the next day and check my BP there.  

The next morning I didn't feel well and my BP was a little higher at work. After a quick visit to triage to monitor my blood pressure and rule our preeclampsia, I was sent home to take it easy over the weekend and to see my doctor on Monday. I did try to keep it easy but had a nagging headache all weekend. Sunday when I woke up I felt even worse so I called the doctor on call who told me to come to the hospital and we would go ahead and have a baby. Joe was at church but I was home with Amelia! I quickly got things arranged and we left Amelia with a family from church. Funny note, I had arranged to buy a dresser off Craigslist that day so we made a quick stop on the way to the hospital to pick up the dresser for Liam's room.

After I was settled in at the hospital, the doctor checked me and I was 1-2 cm but needed cervidil (a medicine they put inside) which is to prepare my body for induction. I got that around 2:30 in the afternoon. I started contracting pretty quickly and as the evening went on they started to get more intense and closer together. My nurse gave me an ambien to help me sleep but I was in too much pain to fall asleep. I remember around midnight I was moaning with contractions but I knew they would take the medicine out after 12 hours and I could get up and shower. I kept trying to make it until then!  But I didn't last that long and got my epidural.

After I got my epidural placed, it took extra medicine to get me numb. Finally I was blissfully pain free and officially exhausted! But I was only 2 cm then but at least very soft. But I guess my blood pressure plummeted after with all of the epidural medicine so then I received medicine to get my BP back up (ironic isn't it?)

Around 5 am they started a small amount of pitocin to get my contractions stronger. I was sleeping off and on all morning, but I was starting to get more nauseated. Around 9 am the doctor broke my water and I was 5-6 cms. Pretty quickly after I got sick. Then I started having lots of pain on my side, and Liam was tolerating my labor either. I was moved to my side, given oxygen but soon felt better with my epidural bonus button which made my pain tolerable and my legs incredibly numb. 

I soon started feeling pressure but wanted to labor down as much as possible so I didn't want to tell anyone. My nurse came in  after talking with Dr Moore, decided to check my dilation, and it was time to push! Now with Amelia, they used a vacuum which gave me a horrible tear so I was pretty adamant that would be a last resort! It took a few pushes to get the hang out of what I was doing and they brought a mirror in to help me see which helped! After about 15 minutes at 10:21 am William James Mayes was born on July 1st screaming weighing 7 pounds 7.9 ounces and 20 1/2 inches!!

He is a wonderful blessing to our family and we love him so much!! I really hope to blog more and I have some catching up to do!
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