November 10, 2008

Life with a Kitten

I have not had a cat since I was little and even then, I am not sure how much I like it. But before Levi came into our lives, I was wanting a cat. I pictured a cat that would sit in my lap as I read and snuggled up with him on the couch.

Life after Levi's entrance to our family has been interesting. I have learned that kitten's do not understand no. He is all play and no cuddle He is very interested in whatever food I am eating and repeatedly tries to put his head in the food. He loves Joe's big toe, whenever he sees a big toe, he pounces. My hands always look like I got in a fight with scissors. Plastic bags are his favorite noisemakers and he will jump on them no matter where they are. And Levi loves to torture Bella and Cooper. He loves theirs ears and tails and anything he can get his little mouth around. And don't think that Bella and Cooper ignore him, he consistently find Bella with her mouth all the way around Levi. Nothing is safe with Levi, including my purse or Bella's tail.

But he has some sweet moments, when he purrs so loudly when you feed him and he is starting to cuddle more, and he irritates Joe which is always good for a laugh!

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Lu said...

After reading this, I feel I should have warned you about kitten behavior. This is exactly what I dealt with all summer, because my mom got a new kitten in April. And our cat is crazy... she bites and attacks everyone and everything. And she wanted nothing to do with cuddling unless you got her right in the middle of a nap. Those were the only times I enjoyed with her.
Good luck with Levi. Stick it out... cats get better as they age. Our cat already is.

Liz said...

All play and no cuddle. That's hilarious. Mabel fights with Matt's foot, whenever she sees it sticking out from under a quilt, she pounces. What is it with animals and feet?

Ashley Harrison said...

I love kittens! :)

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